“The Carrie Diaries” Film Gets Fendi Replica Handbags

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. The very popular television show, The Carrie Diaries is in the process of filming in NYC and they definitely took the fashion inspirations straight from the location. After all, NY replica Celine handbags is known for their impeccable fashion and style, and replica handbags, of course. So replica Celine cabas bags which replica handbag brand did the costume department of The Carrie Diaries opt for?

You betcha! It was the Fendi replica handbag brand that the Carrie Diaries costume department decided to use cheap bags replica for the filming portion in New York. Anna Sophia Robb, one of the key stars within the television show was seen with a stunning replica Fendi handbag called Baguette. It’s fake Celine handbags actually very similar to the Peekaboo Fendi replica handbag, only offers many more colours within the checkered masterpiece since they opted for the multi-coloured version of the Baguette replica handbag. The unique thing about this Fendi replica handbag is that the tiles are made with colored glass which truly gives the style an impeccable sparkle and shine.

So why did they opt for Fendi replica handbag for their NYC shooting? Well, it could be for the fact that Anna Sophia Robb likes this replica handbag bag on and off the set. She was recently seen with another Baguette replica Fendi handbag called the 3D studded style. Although it is from the brand’s Spring 2013 collection, Sophia continues to rock it well into the winter season.

Although The Carrie Diaries isn’t like Sex and The City, it definitely is taking on that kind of appeal. After all, they are filming in NYC and using luxurious replica handbag brands, which is oh-so-Sex and The City, isn’t it? Stay tuned for the new season to see what other prestigious brands make their debut within this incredibly entertaining television hit series.