How Can I Buy Designer Bags for a Fraction of the Cost?

How Can I Buy Designer Bags for a Fraction of the Cost?

If you want a designer handbag, but don't want to pay a designer price, you've probably wondered is there a way to get a bargain on designer handbags? Are the websites that advertise luxury bags for a less luxurious price the real thing, or a rip off? If you want to know if an unbelievable deal on beautiful purses is out there, or if you just need to keep saving your money for the bag of your dreams, read of for the insider scoop!




When you really love handbags, you notice them everywhere. You can't help but look longingly at the attractive designer handbags you see in stores, online, in commercials, or hanging from the shoulder of a particularly well-dressed woman.


And when you love handbags, you can't help but wonder about websites or online resale ads that promise luxury designer handbags for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Who wouldn't love a bargain like that?


But, can you really buy one of those gorgeous designer bags for a fraction of the price?


No. We all wish it was true, but it just isn't.


The Secret of Buying Designer Bags


You want to know the real secret about buying a beautiful designer bag? Here's the secret: find one you love more than the rest, and start saving up for it. That's it: no short-cuts, no way to have the designer bag and not pay a designer price. Designer handbags are worth it, because they're very well made from quality materials. Fake bags aren't. If you look at the seams of a cheap 'designer' bag, the print, the lining (if there is one), it looks cheap. A true designer bag is a quality bag, every stitch looks perfect, and it will last you for years. So don't buy a cheap designer bag, because what you'll wind up with is a cheap bag.


Here are 3 lessons on designer and fake handbags to learn by heart.


Designer Bags Aren't Mass-Produced Then Sold Off Cheaply


Those cheap-designer-bags websites and ads often come with an explanation like this: the designer has the handbags mass-produced, more were made than can be sold at full cost, the designer wants to get rid of the bags so they can fill the shelves with their latest designs, so they sell them cheaply to these cheap-designer-bag websites to get ride of for them. Unfortunately, that just isn't true. Here's why.


1. Designers Don't Mass-Produce Handbags

Designer handbags aren't mass-produced. The designer never intends to sell millions of a particular brands. They want to make and sell designer bags, not bags everyone can easily afford. They cater to an elite clientele, so they would never mass-produce a handbag. Their success comes from people wanting one of their bags, but it was only sold for a limited time and quickly it becomes impossible to find one. They make a limited quantity of designer bags, not hundreds or thousands of extras they sell for next to nothing.


2. Designers Don't Mass-Produce Handbags (part 2)

Designers have to feel confident in stamping their name and logo across a handbag. They don't make bags cheaply. Real designer bags are carefully crafted from quality (expensive) materials. They aren't mass-produced by a purse-making machine that spits out 10 purses a minute.


3. Designers Can Count

If we try to believe the story put forth by the cheap-designer-bags websites, we have to believe that many if not all designers make this mistake, despite the fact of being in business many years, being successful and highly profitable. To believe one of the cheap bag websites, you have to believe that designers are stupid, all of them, consistently, year-after-year. Businesses that over-produce goods and then have to sell them at a ridiculous discount don't stay in business long.


Don't fall for a fake. Make sure you know what you're buying and spend your money smartly!