Fuji Electric Semiconductor - 600V IGBT Module 6MBP20JB060

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6MBP20JB060 is a Fuji Electric manufactured IGBT module which can produce energy of up to 20A and 600V, making it an excellent Fuji semiconductor to power up an industrial ventilator system. It has built-in control circuits, providing optimum gate drive accompanied with freewheeling diode power devices.


Fuji IGBT 6MBP20JB060 is more reliable than those typical modules due to the system’s IPM. With this feature, the device is well-protected against overheating and under voltage.


6MBP20JB060 also has a complete output power circuit and gate drive circuit. Its compact design prevents it from consuming too much space and causing various problems.


With the powerful features of 6MBP20JB060, your ventilator system would surely improve without the need to spend beyond your budget.