Little Known Ways to Enjoy Jakarta’s Nightlife

Little Known Ways to Enjoy Jakarta’s Nightlife

Jakarta is known to be the largest Islam country in the world and the fourth most populous despite its archipelagic demography. Despite the strict culture, it has the one of the most vibrant nightlife in the Asia Pacific region. From hanging out with the “chi chi” in an upscale lounge, to exploring the seediest discos, or just grabbing a beer at the local sports bar, Jakarta offers a wide selection of over 200 bars, clubs, pubs and lounges scattered across the entire city to cater to every whim and preference.


Many expatriates have asked what is special in Jakarta’s night time that so many reviews have been written about it. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours has gathered some of the best things to experience the city at night.


1.      Bar hopping in Style


Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital. It is obviously a given if the city is the center of work and play in the archipelago. Partying in style is never an old custom. To hang out with Jakarta's young, rich and beautiful, try the Red Square in the Plaza Senayan Arcadia annex, reviewed to be Jakarta’s first vodka bar and restaurant and which is very popular with expats in the city. X2 Club nearby is also a place to see and be seen, although some say that it has lost some of its luster recently, but still the music and cocktails are excellent.


If you are looking for a place for a good, quiet glass of wine, check out the Cork and Screw, a bistro and wine bar in Kuningan and another location in Plaza Indonesia. Known for its good food and even better wine selection, Cork and Screw is arguably one of the most affordable wine bars in the city today.


2.      Sports Bar


Regularly showing of sports event is a common trend in Jakarta. Some like Manchester United restaurant and bar exclusively showing soccer match on their big screen. In expat populated area; there is a bigger chance to catch regional match on the big screen. Warnings of noise reduction are often unheeded when favorite sports come in screen.


3.      Museum Escapades


Monas is one of the entertainment centers of the city. National Monument becomes an icon of Jakarta city. Monas peak gold plated and looks shining brightly in the night. This tourist attraction is a gathering place for people from diverse social status. Here is often used as the center of arts and culture festival event that can be enjoyed by the general public for free.


In the complex monument, there is Museum Gajah Mada. Museum houses a variety of cultural and artistic richness of the historic property of Indonesia. Archaeological objects found in Indonesia, many are kept in Monas. So no doubt when on vacation visited Monas and students who want to learn the richness of Indonesian culture from prehistoric times to the present. Monas are often used to host national and international sporting events.