New BrowserGames for Amazing Summer Holidays

New BrowserGames for Amazing Summer Holidays

Are you the kind of gamer who always hears “You don`t leave your room often” phrase? , Do your parents always complain about you not hanging out much or showing up at social events?, Let me guess, when your friends pass by at your place you prefer to stay on the PC playing games and order takeout?

Well Good news for you my friend, you will not be seeing the sun any time soon this summer and prepare yourself to hear much more complaints from your parents and normal , boring friends who prefer hanging out. This summer new browser games (or at least updates & modifications) are being released.

Your “Summer Hibernation” is sponsored by GTArcade, Youzu Games, NGames and much more others that released breath taking updates and unlocked new features, so let`s take a closer look on what they offer:

1-      Magerealm: Rise of Chaos:

Developed and published by GTArcade a new MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) where you have to fight your way to achieve legacy. The world depends on you in preventing the Armageddon. Truthkeeper and the Spellmaster are the two classes available to choose from. The game is providing you with new features such as awaking your weapons by using special crystals to awaken powers within your gear and having your own personal angel.

2-      Star Trek Alien Domain:


Published by GameSamba and developed by NGames both cooperated in coming up with this amazing free to play multiplayer online strategy game. So get ready to plan on how to make the best of the resources you have, spend them between researches, defensive systems and creation of offensive units. Moreover you can go PvP and create alliances in order to spice things up.

If you think that what you have read was cool, how about telling you that in this game you can pilot super-starships, you will get introduced to totally new species and that you can create colonies and conquer other players?

Exactly as I figured out, Jaw-dropping!

3-      Summoner`s Legion:


“Tactical Card Combat” is the perfect phrase for describing this game, a face to face combat with a certain number of lanes that depends on the difficulty level you choose. Warrior, Ranger, Mage and priest are the main hero classes and accordingly each class has it`s different abilities.

What makes this game unique from others in the same category are the graphics, you can actually see the warrior moving and attacking the other. As other games it has PvP and single player campaigns where you go into straight fights against your opponents and try to figure out their different weak points. Last but not least, the players` turns are all taken together in real time which provides you with a smoother combat.

          With this new browser games amazing package along with other games, I guarantee that you will be spending even more time on your PC than you ever did before. So bring your snacks, put on some comfy outfit and prepare yourself to what I love to call the “Summer Hibernation”.