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Windows 8.1, Microsoft supports layout and has installed applications on the same account synchronization between the start screen, and to the Windows 10 system, Microsoft has cut off this feature. According to Paul Thurrott obtain Microsoft spokesman confirmed:

8 and by the early feedback Windows Windows 10, we learned that the user wishes to use them according to the device to customize the layout of the start screen. With the advent of the new Windows Store, universal Windows application scalability fully supports all devices. Users can get their applications and settings on all your devices, but you can still customize the Start menu on-screen layout of each device will be more valuable. you can get office 2013 key on

In short, since the Windows 10 supports very much the type of device, the synchronization start tile layout menu / screen has no meaning, for each type of device requires its own layout. Synchronization application installation is also for this reason is no longer supported.

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