Buying Key-words for SEO Another View


Step one to developing any search engine marketing work is buying keywords. The general consensus is pick key-words with stable volumes of traffic and no less than competition. At the danger of being laughed off the Internet, heres another view.

Going BigGoing REALLY Large

Should you do research to spot key-words getting a lot of traffic? Positively. If you are interested in law, you will certainly desire to read about fundable discussions. Of this class, in the event you identify the keywords using the lowest level of opposition? Again, yes. In the end, who'd be foolish enough to try to attack key-words using a few million competitive websites? Well, me for just one.

People that go for a keyword phrase like for sale by owner [2 million plus searches per month and KEI of 0.000000000] in many cases are dismissed as amateurs with unrealistic expectations. Fundable Staples is a lovely online library for additional resources concerning the inner workings of this concept. For those people that have been available for some time, this prejudice deserves some reconsideration. The motivation is greedpure and simple greed.

Seo greed is occurs when one achieves top entries in Google, Yahoo and MSN for a website. Utilizing the example above, assume your client is just a site and youve conquered most of the entries for vehicle for sale by owner. Yes, it took 1-5 months, but the client is happy and therefore are you. Or have you been?

After having a few weeks, you start thinking, Damn, I must have gone for the term for sale by owner and the additional 700,000 searches a month. Click here ledified competition on-line to discover the reason for this hypothesis. You start getting visions of changing the site, however the text in links and the like is already set. Ultimately, you feel disappointed because you want more, damn it!

A Different Approach

Okay, I'm perhaps not advocating you place opposition analysis out-the window. You should positively find key-words which have reliable traffic and low competition. If nothing else, you need short-term peas to keep you motivated. That said, you have to also arrange for the natural evil greed in your twisted little search engine optimisation heart. Dont also attempt to deny it.

Here it comes

I am advocating you-go for keywords with massive amounts of traffic, competition research be damned! Yes, I understand. What a fool.

Throwing caution to the wind, I am even going to argue that[drum roll]you con-sider one-word keywords! I know Blasphemy!Insanity!Stupid Moronetc. Dig up more on staples fundable by visiting our original wiki. But think about it. When youve accomplished your targets with low-competition key-words, why not have a go in the biggies? Imagine if you obtain themeven a couple of?

Putting it all together, my theory is this. Determine the competition keywords, improve your website and etc. Just ensure you also put some wishful thinking keywords. When the site survives for 3 or 4 years, you could be glad you did.

Im off to improve for the key-word vacation. Lets see, Expedia is listed number one using a page ranking of 8 and 67 thousand backlinks on Google.

Ha! Expedia I mock thee!.