One Plane Swing Fundamentals

One Plane Swing Fundamentals

The one plane or single plane golf swing helps you to get your ball going where you want it to with the most accuracy and the most power. Because of the difficulty of this swing many beginners have trouble learning the one plane swing. Many different online and video instructions can be found but many still find it difficult. These one plane golf swing fundamentals come from some of the biggest professionals and instructors in the world of golf.

After you have mastered the basics of the golf swing it is time to move on to the one plane swing. A good backswing is important to a one plane swing. You start by pulling your arms back keeping your left arm straight and your right arm slightly bent. The club should work as an extension of your arm and come up and behind you.

The next step to having a perfect one plane swing is to work on the downswing. During the downswing you will move your weight forward. It will go from being focused on your right foot to being focused on your left foot.

The final part of your swing is the follow through. You need to continue the club going after you hit the ball on the same plane. Keep your eyes focused at the tee where the ball would be sitting if you hadn’t hit it. Moving your eyes will cause your body to move to keep your eyes watching the ball. Once your club has reached the peak of the follow through you can look up to see where it has gone. The easiest way to remember your follow through is to think of it as driving the club through the ball or to imagine that the ball is continuing on the edge of the club as if you are sweeping it up.

During the entirety of your swing you should keep your swing smooth and maintain balance. Any wobbling or shifting of weight will cause your aim to be off and the ball to go somewhere else.

Mastering the swing plane training best aids will improve your swing above that of the beginners golf swing. Utilizing these skills will reduce your handicap and causing your score to go up significantly. You will also enjoy having the ball go where you want it to go.