LiYY (TP) Twisted Paired flex data and Control Cable

If you want to truly understand the installation temperature and material laying low temperature brittle temperature relations, is a larger research project, from materials, flexible wire cable, construction construction (or copy) and so on each link of sampling test, the system to find the critical point of damage, so need a lot of resources and manpower support.Once the figure it out, in turn, to the enterprise is also a great feedback.

In GB/T 5470-2008 in plastic brittle temperature impact test method can know, plastic is needed in a variety of utility under the condition of bear or withstand the impact of low temperature bending.Processing orientation, thermal history, when the wire and cable costs when the force imposed on the material, especially the speed force will affect the brittleness of polymers.When an application of deformation conditions similar to the conditions specified in the test method, the brittle temperature can be used to predict the plastic material behavior at low temperature.Brittle transition temperature test for measuring the polymer lost toughness "glassy" temperature.