Paintball Stag Do in Nottingham

Are you searching for a novel concept for a stag do for your finest mate? The typical stag do these days is more than just a night out on the town. Address is a novel online database for more about the reason for this view. With the average age at marriage rising, today's bride and groom - and their mates - tend to have a bit a lot more disposable income - and a lot much more cause to celebrate when a single of their own decides to tie the proverbial knot. So when it really is time to give one particular of the crew a memorable sendoff into married life, a lot of folks are opting for much more than the traditional evening of lap dancing and semi-nude girls. In truth, entire stag weekends packed with fun activities are gaining in popularity. If you live in or about Nottingham, 1 stag do activity that you could contain in a stag weekend is a rousing afternoon of paintball.

Paintball as a stag do? But of course! Paintball may have started out as an afternoon with a couple of nutters running around with marking guns, but given that its inception in the early 1980s, there have been lots of little refinements that make paintball a perfect stag do activity. Here's a couple of ideas for approaches to fit an energetic afternoon of paintball into your Nottingham stag weekend.

Scenario Paintball

Add a tiny spice to a game of paintball by creating it more than a game. Rather of just playing a grownup version of Capture the Flag, let a professional tour operator set up a scenario for your stag do paintball game. Pit your pals against every single other in an attempt to retrieve the kidnapped groom from the clutches of a brace of strippers who don't want to lose him to married life - or split them into teams to infiltrate 'enemy headquarters' in a daring WWII spy scenario.

Tournament Paintball

Yet another Nottingham stag do thought is to stage a paintball tournament. Let the entire crew battle it out to name the Grand Champion - and guarantee him a spot of honor in the evening festivities appropriate alongside the groom-to-be.

Chicks 'n' Stags Paintball

If you are arranging a special weekend away for the whole wedding party, why not incorporate a Chicks vs. Stags paintball game? Pit the guys against the gals in an afternoon of woodsball or speedball and play out the Battle of the Sexes in a Grand Melee on a Nottingham paintball court.

Paintball in Nottingham is just 1 example of a enjoyable stag do activity that a professional tour operator can help you arrange. Other unusual and enjoyable stag do activities incorporate kayaking, orienteering, canyoning and of course, the perennial favorites - the Pub Crawl..5 Toft Green