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1. What does the ETF Trend Trading Course consist of?

  • Quick Start Guide: For the more advanced trend traders already familiar with ETF trading who want to get started quickly.

  • 6 Video CD's: consist of the core, foundational material for the ETF home study course. Place the CD's into your computer or DVD player and follow the tutorial. The purpose is to visually lay a fundamental understanding of ETF's (exchange traded funds) through definitions, detail, and multiple examples.

  • ETF System Training Manual: Demonstrates practical examples of ETF trading. See what signals indicate entry and exit positions. Examples illustrate both good and bad trades highlighting the ETF system strategy.

  • Email Support: Clients receive unlimited email support for 12 months only after completing the home study course, at least one live webinar, and the FAQ area.

  • ETF Personal Training: Clients get 12 months personal mentorship from ETF system creator "Big A".

  • ETF Course Training: Ongoing "LIVE" training via. webinar format for 2 hours each week.

  • Additional Resources: 90 days access to "Advanced Members Area" where members can follow "Big A's" personal trades in real time. Additional resources include "Big A's" personal blog access. Purpose is to detail the next days trading entry points, stops, and limits. Further explanation details the 'why' behind each position thereby reinforcing ETF system rules.

  • ETF Trading Psychology: ETF manual explains the necessity for traders to prioritize the ETF system rules over emotions and intuition.

  • ETF Money Management: Details the rules of risk control using position sizing, as well as how to properly set up technical stop limits.

  • Best ETF's List: Exclusive proprietary list highlighting the current best ETF's to trade.

  • 24 month ETF Retirement Plan: Step-by-Step guide for keeping the 'end in mind'.

  • PD Trade Scanner Software: 'Scans' thousands of stocks daily for the purpose of mining the best ETF trades.

  • System Guarantee: Refunds offered within 90 days only after a minimum 30 day live or demo trading track record. (30 Guarantee required by law).

  • Price: System is $1,997 or 3 month installment plan of $832 for three months

2. Is this system for experienced traders?

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