3 Online Dating Traps by Vivian Johnson

There are online dating traps everywhere! Here are the main 3:

1. The first online dating trap is paying for a membership before using their pretrial.

The deal is this; they want to have your credit card information on file at the time you set up the free trial.

Then, after using the free trial you decide this is not the site for you. You try to reach someone by phone to cancel at the end of the 14 day free trial. You are unable to reach anyone for days.

Out of curiosity, you check your online bank account and find out you have been charged for a three month membership!

Finally, you reach someone there...they direct your attention to the fine print which clearly states that the free trial cancellation must be received by mail within the 14 day period. Good luck fighting this online dating trap...

2. The next one is; you browse the sites available members. You are sure there is a great selection of eligible singles. So, you gladly sign up...

You soon discover, that over 50 percent of the members havent signed on in over 90 days!

Which means; during the free trial you didnt have access to all of their search options!

This is one of the most aggravating online dating traps of them all...

The third online dating trap is the sites with really poor servers. 30 percent of the time when you try to log in, the site is down for maintenance. Or you may just get the server is temporarily down message. How can you test drive a site without access to it?

Always, go for the dating sites that have free trial offers. Make sure the free trial gives you an adequate number of search options.

Good luck...

Put yourself in position to choose...not always waiting to be chosen!

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