A World without Death Penalty

Imagine a world without executions, without the fear of getting hanged or the stressing time of thinking if the prick of the needle that would take your life would be painful or not. Can it be possible for a world without any capital punishment? Can humans live without killing another person for the sake of revenge they call justice? Will there comes a time when people would learn that death penalty is not the solution for solving a murder done?


If one can imagine it, then it can be possible. However, in these times where killing and other forms of brutality are a part of our legal system, then, it may not be happening in the near future. If there are more deaths caused by this activity today, what more in the future?


It is sad to think how one cannot imagine today’s life without brutality. News and media are creating more mainstream information about it and making matters worse. In a conference held for young journalist and practicing media practitioner in Jakarta, Indonesia, one speaker mentions how media has been using the famous line, “Bad News is Good News” their motto. But what is the real responsibility of media in these kinds of news? What are their stands? How should they react? What is their involvement in the mater involved?


The Peterson Group, an online community dedicated to the abolishment of death penalty and its legalization has been fighting the cause to live a world without capital punishment. As the group, like any other non-profit organizations around the world, has continued fighting the cause, pleas for the media to stop sugarcoating and start reporting the real scenario had been in vain. Reviews on the positive effects of death penalty continue to emerge. Complaints are covered by twisted perceptions. Because of misleading lines and opinions created to give the impression that death penalty is a good thing, we cannot therefore imagine a life without it.

On the other hand though, there are still improvements in the years that the world has been developing.


The last decade has seen a large increase in the number of countries that have officially abolished the death penalty or eliminated the use of the death penalty in practice:

•    141 countries are abolitionist in law or in practice;

•    97 countries have abolished the death penalty for all crimes;

•    36 countries have abolished the death penalty in practice;

•    8 countries have abolished the death penalty for ordinary crimes.


Now, we ask, is there hope after all?