Aggregation Of Runescape Intelligence


What I observed while participating o-n many key Runescape forums is that there is an undeclared cold war between Runescape fan sites. It still saddens me a lot, while it is fairly understandable. To get another perspective, consider taking a peep at: go there.

The planet gets more open every-day, boundaries bet...

Can you visit Runescape associated forums and sites often? Do you visit only one site or several? How about commitment to a specific fan site? Could it be a good thing? I think not, at least not at the amount it is done nowadays. This splendid Keep Safe When Utilizing Your Credit Card On line use with has uncountable disturbing suggestions for where to mull over it.

What I discovered while participating o-n a few major Runescape boards is that there is an undeclared cold war between Runescape fan websites. While it is somewhat understandable, it still saddens me a great deal.

The world gets more open everyday, boundaries between cultures and nations get cleared, free and open computer software and ser-vices are every where, but we keep and keep making walls and new boundaries. As I could see these walls very clearly an owner of a smaller Runescape fan site (Runewise). Go There is a pushing resource for new information about the purpose of this thing. If you do not trust in me, just do it and try to get almost any collaboration with a larger site! Typically you will not even get yourself a polite refusal only quiet emptiness. Well, I am a big boy and could deal with it. But still another facet of this war is Runescape knowledge being hidden and scattered. There are numerous interesting articles, blogs, guides, threads, subjects out there behind those walls.

I cant help with boundaries, but at least I can point Runescape participants to many interesting products out there regardless on what fan site or blog they are based. That is it. To check up more, please have a view at: company web site. My mission statement immediately

Therefore, here I am with my Runescape knowledge location blogs.

This is actually the older one I maintain at Runewise:

And the most recent addition for regular people at Blogspot:

Welcome! And in the event that you want to point me to an appealing Runescape relevant supply, by all means, please, let me know!

Let's make the Runescape world a bit more open!.