EVM31-050A Fuji Power Transistor Module

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EVM31-050A, an isolated-gate bipolar transistor or IGBT by Fuji, is your partner in renewable energy.


EVM31-050A provides electrical and thermal contact and insulation to the equipment or machinery it supplies power to, providing a higher power density making it more reliable compared to the usual semiconductors. This lightweight power transistor module has a collector current of 150A and a collector emitter voltage of 600V at only 5.34 lbs.  It features a freewheeling diode and high DC gain, with each terminal isolated from mounting plate and making it strong and steady, suitable for heavy duty equipment, machinery, or home appliance that operates on demand.


EVM31-050A can also be used for AC drives and motors offering wide power and operating voltages at different ranges. With its guaranteed strength and flexibility, it’s not a wonder why EVM31-050A is your best partner for all your suitable applications.