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Tribal Scorpion Tattoos Scorpions have been a part of many novels and movies with supernatural themes. The sting located at the end of the tail is a very prominent characteristic of these predatory arthropods. They are considered to be the epitome of death, danger, pain and so on.

Several tattoo enthusiasts are now adorning their arms and other body parts with tribal scorpion tattoo designs. These designs reflect strength and toughness. Thus, the main reason why people opt for such a design is to show that they are strong. Interestingly enough, it seems that people like the contradictory things that these lethal creatures represent. For example, power and healing, life and death, etc.

Tribal tattoos designs are bold, hot, and absolutely gorgeous. Getting a scorpion tattoo inked on your body in a tribal style, will surely be a cause for envy amongst your peers, due to the uniqueness of the design. Therefore, having a scorpion imprinted on one's body denotes superiority and victory.

The Bible According to the Bible, a scorpion is an symbol of treachery, hatred, envy, danger, pain, death, wickedness, and fear. Ancient Egypt and Tibet

Scorpions were thought to bring protection against stings from snakes, and also protection from evil. Therefore, in both ancient Egypt and Tibet, amulets worn on the arms had scorpions engraved in them, so as to provide the wearer with protection. The same goes for scorpion tattoos. People born under this celestial sign are said to have the following traits which seems to have been acquired from the scorpion (animal):Controlling and even manipulative

Highly emotional and sensitiveA big sexual appetite Loyal and devotedSelfconfident isabel marant sneakers sale and sensual Keeping the above traits in mind, it is safe to say that even the tattoos hold the same attributes. Scorpion tribal tattoos give off a powerful and sensuous aura. They radiate an amazing attitude and dignity.

People prefer getting scorpion tattoos done on the upper arm, forehand, triceps, shoulder blade, nape of the neck, back, foot, webbing between the index finger and thumb, and so on. It does not matter isabel marant sale on which part of the body you get it done, it will look amazing as the scorpion is a majestic creature by itself. Sporting these deadly creatures on your body will guarantee attention from others. Just make sure to take good care of your tattoo, once it has been inked on you.