Cricket No-longer For Men Only

Cricket No-longer For Men Only

This was officially declared at the conclusion of the eighth Womens World Cup event held in South Africa, by the President of the ICC Ehsan Mani. Mani declared that the International Women...

Cricket, hereto viewed as a gentlemens game can not be called as in the future as the lovely women have made sufficient inroads to make sure that the Womens International Cricket Council basically built-in ahead under the umbrella of the Crickets governing body the ICC.

It was officially reported at the conclusion of the eighth Womens World Cup competition held in South Africa, by the President of the ICC Ehsan Mani. For supplementary information, consider having a view at: Fayetteville, NC. Mani declared the International Womens Cricket Council had joined using the ICC to help push the develop-ment of the activity among Women as-well. For over two years the Womens International Cricket Council and the ICC have now been discussing this dilemma. The integration of girls cricket is was officially accepted by the ICC at the Annual Conference in June this year, with the first official ICC Womens Cricket Committee meeting also held at the same time frame.

The ICC Womens Cricket board is headed by Gloria Timmer, a former Vice Chairman of the International Ladies Cricket Association. She will make tips to the ICC on the devel-opment of Womens Cricket all over the world. ICC President Mani conveyed his sincere thanks to the confident IWCC President Christine Brierley and the many dedicated volunteers who have supported the devel-opment of the game over the years.

In Asia, India will be the first South Asian country to take part in Womens International cricket. If you think anything at all, you will seemingly hate to discover about Women have already been playing big league cricket in India since 1973. Another South Asian Country Sri Lanka basically formed its Females Cricket Association in 1996. Wing was taken by the Sri Lanka Women Crickets to India to participate in the Womens World Cup held in India. Similarly Pakistan and Bangladesh are the other two South Asian countries to form Womens Cricket Associations. By now, all these four South Asian countries have participated in International Womens World Cup matches. It is also interesting to see that the Planet cup final between England and Australia held at the Eden Gardens, Calcutta in India in 1997 drew an audience more than 80,000 visitors. This augurs well for the Women cricketers as this may prompt the supporting organizations to come forward.

Air India and the Indian Railways have recognized Womens cricket in India in a huge way. Air India has, probably, the womens cricket team in the country. If people hate to identify more on, we know about many libraries you should consider investigating. Independent of the Nationals, another important females tournaments in India are the Rani Jhansi trophy and the Indira Priyadarshini trophy.

However, we are yet to see personal Member countries include Women cricketers within their governing bodies. Questions have been raised whether this will actually happen thinking about the rigid rules which are existing in most of the governing bodies in various countries..