The anoxic and aerobic tanks

Gas samples of 100 μL were taken from the headspace of the anoxic and aerobic tanks (after pressure measurement) three times a week to record the N2O gas concentration by gas chromatography Saracatinib captor detector. Liquid samples of 100 mL were also drawn three times a week from the SWW storage tank (influent), anoxic tank, aerobic tank, wastage and clarified effluent to monitor the concentration of dissolved TOC, dissolved IC, dissolved N species (total nitrogen (TN), N-NH4+, N-NO2− and N-NO3−) and biomass concentration as TSS. The DOC, temperature and pH of the cultivation broth in both tanks were in situ recorded every day. The C and N content of the algal–bacterial biomass generated, along with the characterization of the populations of microalgae and bacteria, were also experimentally determined in both tanks under steady state conditions at the end of each operational stage. In addition, the SVI and settling rates of the algal–bacterial consortia present in the anoxic and aerobic tanks were also measured.