Fig nbsp a shows ethanol concentrations obtained after

2.2. Pretreatments
Acid pretreatment was performed in autoclave at 121 °C with 1% (w/v) sulfuric Lenvatinib for 30, 90 or 150 min and solids loadings of 20%, 30% or 40% (w/v). AHP pretreatment was carried out for 1 h at 50, 70 or 90 °C and solids concentrations of 20%, 25% or 30% (w/v) with 7% (v/v) hydrogen peroxide at pH 11.5 (Rabelo et al., 2014), adjusted using NaOH, KOH or Mg(OH)2. Ox-B pretreatment was conducted using 5% (w/v) of the reagent, which corresponds to a solution of 50 g/L of sodium hypochlorite: 5 g/L of hydrogen peroxide (Lee et al., 2009) at pH 8 for 2 h at solids loadings of 20%, 25% or 30% (w/v) and temperature of 25, 57.5 or 90 °C.
After the pretreatments, the liquid (pretreatment liquor) was separated of the solid fraction by filtration and used to measure sugars and inhibitors concentrations. The solid was washed until pH neutralization and used to determine pretreatment yield and composition or dried at ambient temperature and used in the hydrolysis assays.