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Biosynthesis SB 2343 polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) in shaking flask experiments using EGPJ and simulated EGPJ.Strains usedSubstratesCDW (g/L)PHA (%)Monomer composition (mol %)3-HB3-HH3-HO3-HD3-HDDP. putida W619EGPJ0.56.80619685P. chlororaphis IMD5550.7900155628B. sacchari IPT1012.323.31000000P. putida W619Simulated EGPJ1.043101146321P. chlororaphis IMD5551.053805105432B. sacchari IPT1014.334.51000000Experiments were conducted in 250 mL shaking flasks with MSM containing EGPJ and simulated EGPJ (mimicking sugars composition of EGPJ) as carbon source (7.2 g/L of total sugars). Flasks were inoculated with 1% of overnight inoculum and incubated for 48 h at 30 °C and 200 RPM (shaking table incubator).EGPJ: Ensiled grass press juice.CDW: Cell dry weight was estimated gravimetrically after freeze-drying of washed cell pellet from 45 mL of culture (g dry biomass/volume mL) * 1000.PHA: Polyhydroxyalkanoates content (% w/w) was estimated by GC with FID detector after methanolysis of the freeze dried cells.Monomer composition: % Distribution of each (R)-3-hydroxyalkanoic acid on the total polyhydroxyalkanoate content after methanolysis [3-HH: (R)-3-hydroxyhexanoic acid, 3-HO: (R)-3-hydroxyoctanoic acid, 3-HD: (R)-3-hydroxydecanoic acid, 3-HDD: (R)-3-hydroxydodecanoic acid].Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV