Pyrolysis of the harvested biomass Table Yields

3.5. Pyrolysis of 17-DMAG harvested biomass
Table 2.
Yields (weight% from original biomass) of the fractions collected from the pyrolysis of two strains of B. braunii at 475 °C with and without flocculation with fungi Aspergillus fumigatus.Kossou-4Kossou-4 + A. fumigatusOverjuyo-3Overjuyo-3 + A. fumigatusMean±sdMean±sdMean±sdMean±sdTrap 133.21.736.32.334.91.734.70.43Trap liquid506515522511Char28.80.328.50.329. and sd (standard deviation) from three replicates.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
The chemical composition of the oil collected in the second trap was investigated by GC–MS. The GC–MS traces were characterized by the dominant presence of hydrocarbons, that included phytadienes, phytene and pristene from the thermal cracking of chlorophyll, while an unresolved complex mixture (UCM) in the range of C15–C30 peaked by n-alkenes/n-alkanes probably derived from the thermal cracking of triterpenoids and algaenans ( Nguyen et al., 2003).