The most abundant organic source

The most abundant organic source of carbon on the earth is woody biomass. The annual production of wood is approximately 5.64 · 1010 Mg-C (Liu et al., 2012). The forest activity produces a massive amount of resources and residues daily. This carbon source can be used to produce chemicals or Hygromycin B through biorefinery operations. In addition, a good management of the forest will improve the health status of forests. This activity is greatly available in Spain. An increasing trend since 1990 has been observed. According to Eurostat data, Spain has increased its forest area to annual rate of 2.19%, being the second country (Sweden leads the first place) with major total forest area in Europe. According to the data from Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (2011), Spain has 8.6 (46.4% of forest area) and 6.4 (34.5% of forest area) millions of hectares of hardwoods and softwoods species and the forestland occupy is 54% of the national area. Since 1975, the wood production volume was increased from 456.7 to 927.8 million of m3 (Forestales, 2013). The use of woody biomass is imperative to the world economy and Spain has the resources to reach a sustainable society.