Removal mechanisms of N nitrosamines

Fig. 1. Schematic diagrams of OMBR–RO hybrid systems for wastewater reclamation. (a) OMBR with submerged MF/UF and FO membranes in the bioreactor; (b) OMBR with a separate sludge concentrator.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The OMBR system with submerged MF/UF membrane or sludge concentrator exhibits high sludge retention and low salt concentration factor, and it Tacedinaline should be very useful for wastewater reclamation. In this system, wastewater feed is divided into two separate streams, WWTP effluent stream through MF/UF or sludge concentrator and product water stream through FO and RO membrane. The product water should have excellent quality because pilus has passed through double barriers and no need to worry about the RO concentrate disposal, which is one of critical issues in wastewater reclamation system using RO (Bagastyo et al., 2011 and Sun et al., 2014).
2. Methods
2.1. Conceptual design of full-scale OMBR–RO wastewater reclamation systems