Van Ecker/Couder & Associates Subject of New Takeover Rumours

Van Ecker/Couder & Associates (VECA), the Brussels-based Brokerage firm are the subject of M&A speculation, amidst news that one or more of the investment banking giants are mulling the idea of a bid.


An unnamed source, close to VECA, said the executive team of the Brussels-based firm were aware of potential buyout interest from a number of high-profile, global investment firms.

VECA, whose star has been rising in recent years, have apparently been noticed by some of the world’s largest finance houses, with Credit Suisse believed to be amongst the parties with the most sincere interests.


Executives at Van Ecker/Couder were unwilling to comment on the rumours, as were the press offices of the aforementioned brokerages but the source of the story claimed that existing relationships between the Board at Van Ecker/Couder and senior executives of Credit Suisse has cemented their positions as acquisition frontrunners, raising the interesting prospect of a bidding war in the future.


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