NCIS: New Orleans: Episode 20 Recap Rock-A-Bye Baby

This week's NCIS: New Orleans, the Navy commander in the stolen car with his baby, it is the NCIS team to determine whether this is a random carjacking or kidnapping targets.


The episode starts with the Navy Commander Josh Newman unloading his groceries from his car, he had his 9-month-old daughter, Lulu in her car seat. Suddenly, someone entered the driver's seat and steal the car, along with the baby inside it. Advertising


Initially, NCIS DVD think that they are investigating a carjacking, but then they call from Special Agent Abigail Who BORIN, they get kidnapped. Together they go BORIN, see the car has rolled into the river, but the car seat was gone. Josh and his partner, Malone, tell them there is a problem, Lulu's biological mother, Casey team.


When the team entered the conversation, Casey, it is clear that she is not the culprit, because she did not know, Lulu has been missing.