Polyester Coatings Are Much Easier To Understand

The marvels of high-tech surround us everyday from smart phones and touch screens to computers and GPS units. But even more intriguing is the technology that goes into all the items we take for granted - the grip on the stair well of the train that you hold as you board, the little knobs on your vehicle's sound system that ensure you can switch the stations and also the slippery coating on our Teflon cookware. Every one of those mundane things have been built and specially coated with industrial coatings of endless variety.

But, if you question the average person about town about polytetrefluoroethelyne and Teflon coating, you'll receive puzzled looks. While many people do not know about them, take a look at just some of the uses for industrial coatings in ordinary situations:

Surgical instruments, needles and diagnostic tools are often dipped with a protective agent to prevent instruments from being damaged while they touch blood or other bodily fluids.

Thousands of Little Parts
The thousands of connectors and parts that make up your household appliances, your automobile or even the rolling chairs you use at your job have likely all received some variety of industrial powder coating to stop damage from corrosion, moisture, heat as well as other adverse environments.

Specialized Equipment
The military, emergency services teams and car mechanics all make use of equipment or tools that have likely been sprayed with plastisol coating to provide a soft grip and in addition provide abrasion, impact and corrosion protection.

Grip handles on trains provide a secure hold, thanks in part to industry sprays or coatings. Many parts are dipped in fluid or sprayed, offering attractive coloring and exceptional resistance to wear and tear.

In the Kitchen
Your everyday pans are likely sprayed with a food grade Teflon coating to keep many foods from sticking. Yet, don't forget the baskets in your dishwashing appliances or the soft grips on your cookware, knives or spatulas for additional examples of industrial coatings in action.

Industrial coatings are applied at manufacturing plants throughout the United States. However, yet you'll find more than a few facilities that specialize in powder coating services throughout New Jersey.

So the next time you use those pliers, your hammer or the fine hold of that grab bar on the subway, make certain to appreciate the professional coatings industry and the many ways they improve our lives.

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