In sum, the LG Tribute 2 is a fine little phone

In sum, the LG Tribute 2 is a fine little phone. It’s easy on the eyes and is easy to use.
LG improved the resolution of the meizu mx5 Tribute 2’s screen when compared to the original Tribute, but just barely.The size helps keep the pixel density acceptable, but I could tell I was looking at a low-resolution screen.
The LCD panel provides plenty of light for indoor use, but it wasn’t so great outside. I had to adjust the brightness all the way up in order to use the camera or read emails.Viewing angles are decent; there’s some brightness drop when the phone is tilted side-to-side, but colors remain accurate.It’s a fine screen for this class meizu of device.The rear shell has a finely ribbed texture to it.
It makes a zipping sound if you run your thumbnail up and down the surface. I found the cover easy to remove.Pulling the cover off exposes the battery, which is removable.The SIM card slot is buried under the battery, but the memory card slot is accessible without pulling the battery.
As is common to modern LG phones, the left and side edges are free of buttons and controls. This means you’re less likely to accidentally turn the screen on or raise the volume.The headset jack is on top and the USB port is on bottom.There is no camera button.