Learn How Musculoskeletal Pain Can Be Relieved Normally

When a person is in pain, they can find it difficult to participate in their normal life. People often reach for pain medications to help their symptoms, only to find these can cause risky side-effects and can even become habit forming. Through attractions in melbourne, a person can receive hands-on treatment that works to help relieve pain and improve mobility in conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.

This form of treatment uses trigger point therapy to help a person experience myofascial release. Trigger points are certain points on the body located in the fascia that covers skeletal muscle tissue. When these points are compressed, they can cause pain and irritation and may cause pain to be felt in an area outside of the trigger point. In some cases, patients also experience twitches in the muscle as a response to the stimulus.

With myofascial release, a patient can find relief from the knotted and tense muscles they experience because of injury and musculoskeletal conditions of the body. Through massage, TENS units and special osteopathic tools. These actions help to move the fascia into its correct pattern for improved posture, joint function and pain.

There are several approaches a myotherapist will use to treat a patient's pain:

Deep pressure massage

Deep pressure tapotement (rhythmic percussion meant to relax the muscles)


Electrical stimulation

Stretching techniques

Lowered level laser treatment

When a patient first goes in to see their myotherapist, their health history will be taken and the therapist will talk with them about the symptoms they are experiencing. A full examination can reveal the pain trigger points so the therapist will be able to create a treatment plan that will help the patient to overcome their pain and improve their mobility. Patients are also given instruction on exercises they can perform at home to further enhance the treatment they are receiving through the myotherapist.

Common conditions treated through therapy:

Muscle injuries

Chronic injuries and strains

Headaches and migraines

Back and neck pain

Depression and anxiety


Frozen shoulder

Shin splints

Tennis elbow

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Tension and stress

Those who are experiencing any of these or other musculoskeletal conditions are urged to contact a melbourne myotherapist right away. The sooner a patient is treated, the sooner they can find full pain relief and improved mobility. Call an office of myotherapy today and ask them to schedule you a consultation appointment so you can get started on experiencing treatment.