re-roof in woking

Roof RepairsPosted by Terry Rose Tue, January 29, 2013 09:57:10


we are back in woking today,tuesday 29 jan,we have had a few days off because of the rain&snow,but it is gone now so we are trying to get on with it.

The roof is stripped of the old slates and batton,and we have felt and battened the whole roof in,we are now getting the new 300x600 firbe cement slates up on to the roof ready to be laid,you need 38 mm copper nails to fix these slates and you put a copper tingle in a pre-made hole at the bottom of the slate,this holds the front of the slate in place, and stops it lifting up.

We start laying the slates at the verge,we have a 50mm over hang and we lay a slate and a half,then a slate on top,then a slate and a half and so on, all the way up the verge,this creates the half bond which is required with all slating,we carry this on right across the roof slope,it begins to take shape at looks very nice,we then have to cut around the chimney stack,we do this using slate cutters,putting lead soakers in as we go,once this is done,we finish this side of the roof right up to the top,putting the lead chimney flashing on as we go,then move around to the other side and do the same,we are going to put the ridge tiles on at the end,using a ladder,laided up the roof

The rain has started again, we have hung around now for a few hours and have decided to call it a day,the pictures below are before and after,you can see how much the roof is transformed.