Main Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is defined as pain which runs down the back of your leg, right or left, along the sciatic nerve. This pain would originate in the lower back or buttocks and could possibly extend down all the way to your toes. In addition to the pain you would most likely also be experiencing numbness, a pins and needles feeling in the leg, and in some cases muscle weakness in the ankle or toes. The most common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc in the back placing pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Trauma – Compression of the sciatic nerve is what may cause sciatica so just about any direct, forceful, trauma could potentially cause damage to the nerve or bones in your neighborhood and place pressure for the nerve. This type of damage is commonly attributable to car accidents, running injuries, and extreme falls.

Bulging or herniated disc – Among each vertebrae within your back rest teeny circular discs that act as shock cushions. Each disc consists of a hard outer shell as well as a soft center. A bulging/herniated disc occurs once the outer shell degrades enough permitting the soft center to start bulging outward and perhaps seep through. Our nerves along our spine are placed extremely nearby the vertebrae so every time a disc bulges out of its normal position it is going to place pressure about the nerve root. Now and again this could be the sciatic nerve.

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Spinal stenosis – This is a nerve compression disorder most often found in the aged. Nerve roots in the spine move outward through passageways called neural foramina. Once the passageways become small or clogged causing compression in the nerves, it’s known as spinal stenosis

Spinal tumors – A tumor is definitely an unnatural growth which might be either benign(non harmful), or cancerous. If a tumor develops inside the lumbar region with the back, there is really a chance it could possibly place pressure within the sciatic nerve triggering sciatica.

Piriformis Syndrome – This syndrome is termed after the piriformis muscle along with the pain that can be caused when the item aggravates the sciatic sensation problems. This muscle is located in the lower perhaps the spine and connects on the thigh bone. The sciatic nerve runs beneath the muscle so in the event this muscle spasms it'd place pressure for the sciatic nerve.

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