An Incredibly Important Market: Productivity Apps

Below are the best 5 causes why to integrate Google Apps and Dropbox making use of cloudHQ:

Sharing: Whenever a folder is shared in Dropbox, it's instantly shared with a group from inside Google Apps.

Formatting: Imagine automatically having a cloud format converter that may convert document formats to be delivered as if it was natively produced within the platform from which you accessibility it. As an example: A Dropbox for Business document may be viewed and edited in Google's native formats

Commenting: All feedback on any paperwork are replicated among Google Docs and Dropbox.
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Collaboration: Changes to any files are right away up to date in real-time to other platforms, to provide the ultimate collaboration expertise across cloud apps. Everything is often up to date regardless of exactly where you access the file.

E-mail integration: Gmail users can automatically save their e mail attachments to Dropbox, Google Drive, or even MS Office365, and use their reliable search function to immediately have access