Sugarcane bagasse SCB is the

Analysis was performed in two stages: in the first, one-way ANOVA was applied to investigate the influence of Plerixafor and retention time on the composition of MCF effluents. In the second stage the effect of pH and retention time interactions on the composition was measured in the two-way ANOVA test. For all calculations significance level equal to 0.05 was assumed. The results are shown in Table 2. It was noticed that malate concentration was neither correlated to pH nor RT. Production of propionate, butyrate, valerate, i-valerate did not depend on RT but the correlations were significant for pH. In ANOVA of two-way interaction strong significance was noticed for formate, acetate, propionate, butyrate, valerate, i-valerate, and caproate concentrations. For caproate two-way interaction was more significant than for these two factors separately. For most VFAs pH was more significant than RT, except for formate, which is typically quickly converted to other metabolites. Butyrate, on the other hand, appeared almost no significance in correlation with RT but very significant correlation with pH. Additionally ANOVA indicated significant correlation between ethanol concentration and pH and RT.