Sinorock mainly produces self drilling anchor bolts for mining and construction

Sinorock mainly produces self drilling anchor bolts for mining and construction. Since it was its foundation in 2011, Sinorock has been striving to provide the customers with a fast, stable and economical solution for rock drilling, and effectively help our customers to reduce the cost of self drilling anchor bolt. Now Sinorock has been a specialized manufacturer  of self drilling anchor bolt, integrated with  R & D,  supply solution for related rock drilling industry.

Specializing in self drilling anchor bolt, one of the most critical and demanding areas of construction, Sinorock prides itself on delivering the highest quality finishes to its clients. Throughout the project, Sinorock is able to sustain, or re-design, any unexpected complexities encountered during construction.
With the consistent effort of these years, not only does Sinorock owns the factories and laboratory   but also has established  strategic and cooperative partnership with a number of quality manufacturers . We can offer customer the most suitable solution based upon the exact  understanding of customers’ specific requirements, and wide range of actual performance test of our products under the rigorous quality control production and supplying system.
Sinorock  gains high reputation from customers home and abroad by the implementation of the business philosophy of customer orientation. Now Sinorock's customers come from more than 50 countries and Sinorock become the leading exporter self drilling anchor bolts in China.Sinorock pays great attention to quality improvement of products and promote development of Chinese anchor bolt industry, and gained a lot of rewards from competent national authorities.
Sinorock people pursuit the working idea that everything we do must conform to objective facts, never exaggerating, never hiding facts, and never cheating before the solution can satisfy customers.
Sinorock will held our responsibility to the customers, employee and the society.