One may observe that for all new designs the specific

Such losses factors, mean, LB Broth, Miller and specific energy, are depicted in Fig. 8 in terms of shading, blocking and total effects for the case of the Fresdemo prototype.
Fig. 8. Mean (a), energy (b) and specific energy (c) losses factors (%), for shading, blocking and total effects, in the Fresdemo solar field depending on the location of the mirror in the solar field x axis.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
One can observe that, in the case of central mirrors, the only process that has an influence on the mean total factor is shading (see Fig. 8a). Furthermore, even though the maximum value of shading factor appears in the lateral mirrors, central mirrors are affected by a higher average value due to the longer period of the day -morning and afternoon-when mirrors are partially under the shadow of the neighboring mirrors.
On the other hand, lateral mirrors are affected by both shading and blocking effects. Despite the blocking losses factor having a lower mean value along the day than the shading losses factor, it has been observed that they do no happen always at the same time. Therefore both processes contribute to diminish the performance of the mirror. As a result, the mean total losses factor is larger for the lateral mirrors than for the central ones. This difference would have been even larger if the solar field were larger.