Conclusions a coherent design to improve the

The reasons why there is not a net efficiency improvement with variable width of mirrors compared to constant widths and variable 'Bortezomib' shifts, although errors due to beam spread and to lateral drift are made equivalent, may be found in the fact that Bortezomib wide mirrors in the center of the field imply larger losses due to shading. Fig. 9 shows that the specific reference variable shift and width design, where the differences between narrow and wide mirrors are the largest, gets the maximum value of f¯te. This may explain why the efficiency is lower than in the case of constant width and variable shift between mirrors.
Nevertheless, these results have been obtained for design variables of Fresdemo, which is a solar field designed for constant widths and shifts. An optimization of the field with the alternatives layouts must be carried out in order to obtain clear conclusions. In addition, cerebrum analytical design may be more interesting for EW embodiments, where f¯te varies importantly across the field with homogeneous design.