Impact of cool coating on indoor

In order to analyze the cooling impact on the ceiling temperature, a simplified equation Eq. (19a) is derived by subtracting (Tc)cool from (Tc)org. In Eq. (19a), F2 < 1 implies positive cooling impact or Nafamostat Mesylate in the ceiling temperature, F2 > 1 implies negative cooling impact or increase in the ceiling temperature and F2 = 1 implies no cooling impact on the ceiling temperature by applying a cool coating.equation(19a)TCcooling_impact=(Tsol−air,M+∑n=1NβnTsol−air,ncos(nwt−ψn−φn))org·[(Uhi)org−(Uhi)cool·F2]whereF2=(Tsol−air,M+∑n=1NβnTsol−air,ncos(nwt−ψn−φn))cool(Tsol−air,M+∑n=1NβnTsol−air,ncos(nwt−ψn−φn))orgwhereequation(19b)1Ucool=1hi+1ho+Lk+lcoatingkcoating
Substituting Eq. (15) in Eq. (2) and re-arranging, the arterioles surface temperature of cool roof can be obtained as given by Eq. (20)equation(20)(TR)cool=(Tsol−air,M+∑n=1NTsol−air,ncos(nwt−ψn)(1+1ν)+[Ti(1−Uhi)+Uhi·Tsol−air,M](1+ν))coolwhere ν=hiLk