Site Set Up Checklist


You've several choices, if you're thinking about starting a company site. Getting the website up and running is fairly easy. My cousin found out about by searching Bing. If you hire out the-job, it may be a lot more easy. There are literally tons of skilled people out there who is able to build amazing sites. The issue is, although the websites seem fantastic, they will do nothing for you because they lack the fundamental rules and logic of good search engine marketing. That means you could have the most useful looking site on earth, but when it is not coded so that Google will find it, its ineffective. So I put together a record that I use after I develop the site and integrate all the features of good SEO methods. This listing is for a simple site that's not involved in ecommerce. (no shopping cart or items)

1. Create site

2. Ensure Meta-tags are on each page

3. Ensure each page has a title.

4. Be sure that each site features a topic. I build the content around each page and the key words is unique.

5. I install a large information section so that the users have some information that keeps them on the site. If you fail to create I will import articles from Isnare and Ezine to fill up my content area. Within the span of time-you can replace articles with unique material as soon as your ready.

6. Next I make a information cheat page, having four to five different points for your site. I also have 4 or five different brands as-well.

7. I then make a goal to either develop, or hire out at the very least five articles weekly to add onto article submission sites. Discover new resources about by browsing our salient web page. After I launch the website these five articles gives a lot to me of links. My goal would be to keep on with five articles weekly for the first-year. My pastor found out about by browsing Google. The amount of power I be in this time-period is amazing.

8. I discover the websites that I send and like the web site to them.

9. For each 10 articles I point to the homepage, I create one and have it point with a internal pages of my site.

1-0. Next I take out monthly classified on E-bay and produce a generic advertisement that links to my site. I utilize the power of Ebays marketing system to get the right links.

1-1. Next I'll hire out most of the index listings for the site. I'll use some-one that could leak them out over-time. These aren't super high value websites to google but Yahoo and MSN like them.

12. Build a blog that's related in content and start posting content on it. Make it point the principle site and watch the energy of the blog for links.

13. I now go after long tail keyphrases through the use of PPC plans where it's wise on my money pages.

1-4. I join some link trades looking LIMITED to some quality reciprocal links in my own category, although this is questionable. I only exchange with those who have material on their websites and then try to exchange posts with them after I produce a relationship with them by trading links. I just look closely at quality internet sites.

15. Lather wash and repeat. I like to hire out or outsource as much article authors that I might afford..