Fatty acid extraction was performed

Fig. 12. Iso-contours of the maximal bottom stresses. Dotted lines) baseline; solid lines) extraction scenario. a) northern tidal farm; b) southern tidal farm.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
5. Discussion
5.1. Comparison with other studies
The modeling results presented here are in agreement with other modeling studies dealing with the impact of tidal stream devices on the hydrodynamics and the RepSox transport. Firstly, the perturbation of the water depth is negligible which is in line with the results of Defne et al. [10] or Ahmadian et al. [1]. Secondly, consistent with the earlier studies of Ahmadian et al. [1] or Plew and Stevens [25]; the perturbation on the current is significant (10%–15% in the tidal farm) but it is restricted to the tidal farm area and its vicinity. Thirdly, the influence of the turbines on the sediment transport is expected to be significant and to extend over a surface much greater than the surface of the hydrodynamic perturbation. This is because the sediment transport is a function of a higher power of the velocity [24].