The Sea Water Reverse Osmosis SWRO unit in a

This method uses the binary comparison of the options one or more of the six criteria:1)Normal criterion (usual form) – does not include thresholds and assumes AG-1024 sharp transition from indifference state to preference state.2)Criterion with indifference threshold (U – form) – formula with indifference threshold q (indifference threshold). Used for qualitative criteria.3)Criterion with preference threshold (V – form) – formula with preference threshold p (strict preference threshold). Used for quantitative criteria4)Scalar criterion (level form) – involves indifference threshold q and preference threshold p. It defines only an intermediate level between indifference and clear preference. Used for qualitative criteria.5)Linear criterion (linear form) – involves indifference threshold q and linear transition to a clear preference state defined by the preference threshold p. Used for quantitative criteria.6)Gauss Criterion (normal distribution bell-shaped) – assumes a gradual transition from the indifference to the clear preference state following the function of a Gauss distribution and is mitosis determined by the standard deviation of the distribution σ.