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In this framework EU and national authorities are asked to coordinate their efforts and foster the involvement of local authorities and citizens in order to achieve a sustainable and lasting development of the entire Europe based on a democratic process.
This strategic vision is supported by many international programmes and initiatives that promote the participation of local communities in voluntary programmes on sustainable Alogliptin and climate by indirectly boosting the stakeholders' participation in the decisional processes. In fact, the stakeholders can deeply influence the decision-making process and their involvement in the different stages of the planning process is essential to come to a shared policy vision [8] and [9].
The transposition of European policies to country level has generally a higher economic impact on Eastern countries where a new economic and politic paradigm has been affirmed after their accession to EU, thus fostering the transition from centrally-planned economies to market economies. However, generally speaking, the privatization process has reinforced the financial position of their energy companies and increased the importance of the renewable energy sources, with positive impacts on economic growth and employment.