The aim and results of

According to communities' needs and cultural background, different types of events were organised. The most popular were technical workshops including selected groups of stakeholders and thematic experts to discuss in depth opportunities and criticalities at Geldanamycin local level. Some partners organized public events addressed to a broader audience with a relatively open agenda. On the whole, 8 workshops, 3 larger events/conferences, 4 larger meetings and 2 smaller meetings with a number of selected stakeholders were organized. In particular, the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités” (PNEC), a support structure of the Convent of Mayors in Poland, organized a larger meeting on “Energy Strategies for Municipalities”, with the participation of local key actors, whereas the Building-For-the-Future and Durham City Council (both from UK) gave emphasis to the local community members already engaged in energy projects, highlighting in their Energy Labs the additional opportunities that the RENERGY project could be able to support.