Reformer fuel cell power system The bioethanol processor

2.1. Wind power system
2.2. Solar power system
The reverse saturation current depends on temperature according to the following expression:equation(11)Irs(t)=Ior(T(t)Tref)3exp(qEgo(1/Tr−1/T(t))KAc),where IorIor is the reverse saturation current at the reference temperature TrefTref and EgoEgo is the band-gap energy of the semiconductor used in the cell (values in Table 2).
Table 2.
Parameters of the solar system.q1.6×10−19CAcAc1.6K1.3805×10−23NmK−1KlKl0.0017AºC−1IorIor2.0793×10−6ATrefTref301.18KEgoEgo1.10VIscIsc3.27AFull-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
PV Droxinostat are connected in serial-parallel configurations forming modules, which are the typical commercial unit. In order to reach appropriate voltage and power levels, modules can be arranged with a similar architecture on arrays [28]. The solar power system is composed of a PV array connected to the DC bus through a DC/DC power converter. Thus, the available current for a PV module can be expressed as follows:equation(12)IPVav(t)=npIph(t)−npIrs(t)(exp(q(VPV(t)+Ipv(t)Rs)nsAcKT(t))−1),where VPVVPV is the voltage level in the PV module terminals, npnp is the number of parallel strings and nsns is the number of serial connected cells per string. Therefore, the available power generation from a PV module isequation(13)PPVav(t)=VPV(t)IPVav(t).