printer nozzle clogging How to clean up the printer nozzle

forAn inkjet printer, sometimes use over time, users will find printed text or image appear offline, color distortion and blur, etc., sometimes even can't print.Such problems, is often the resultThe printerNozzle is blocked, such as printers are placed for long, hard and moisture evaporation cause ink or due to a mixture of different ink produces chemical reaction, make the printer nozzle can not work normally, so we need to repair it.  A, use the drive tool cleaning nozzle  If the printer nozzle clogging is not very serious, can be normal print, just printed document is less than before some, such as part of the text of the handwriting is not clear or local color slants color photos, etc.), if you don't want to too much trouble, you can use the printer driver's own application tool to clear  Wash the printer nozzle, in general, most ink-jet printer will be attachedThe cartridgeCleaning tools.  Basing on the HP 656 c its Deskjet inkjet printers, for example, first into a clean common printing paper in the printer, and then install the printer driver, printer tools in the system taskbar icon, into ''print toolbox'', click on the ''cleaning the print cartridge'' button, and then in the event of a ''clean'' the window of the middle button, then printers start cleaning, cleaning is completed automatically print the test page, if the print quality improved after cleaning, but still not satisfied, can be two or more times a cleaning operation.  Use the printer driver application tool cleaning nozzle, its advantage is easy to operate, fast, the disadvantage is that the cleaning effect is not too ideal.Finally if you're still not satisfied, can be in the ''print toolbox'' click on the print cartridges ''calibration'' button, and then in the window point ''calibration'' button, and then start printing ink cartridges for calibration, the calibration is completed, you will find that the print quality will further increase.  Second, the manual cleaning the print heads  Print with bolt, the white, partial color, but still have the ink in the cartridge, the nozzle clogging situation need to manually for cleaning.First from the printer ink cartridges come down, will be found at the bottom of the cartridge have similar part of the integrated circuit, this is the nozzle location, prepare some 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ in warm water, pour warm water into a clean and transparent cup, and then the nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge into the water soak 10 ~ 30 minutes.  It is important to note that as long as the parts of the nozzle can be submerged, don't put the cartridge into the water.Soak 10 ~ 30 minutes remove ink cartridges from the water, moderately hard to dry, the nozzle will throw some ink, the ink cartridge nozzle with napkins thrown out of the ink blot, go back after cleaning cartridge installed, the cartridge cleaning process is completed, the final use printer to print a test page offline, compare the effect after cleaning.  Sometimes printer does not use for a long time, some users will direct external ink cartridges, so it is easy to cause the nozzle clogging, and internal ink is dry, and could not be printed at this time, so the need for ''special treatment'', ready to concentration 95% ethanol, a clean cup, a disposable syringe.Disposable infusion sets of plastic pipe joint and the print head for ink, the print head head put in concentration of 95% alcohol, alcohol intake by the print head syringe needle, after several inhalation can jam more serious print head cleaning.