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3.4. Thermal CP-690550 in air
Fig. 6 shows the reflectance spectra of AlxOy/Pt/AlxOy MSSAC deposited at different temperatures: RT (a), 50 °C (b), 150 °C (c) and 250 °C (d), respectively. The values of solar absorptance and emittance are summarized in Table 1. The reflectance for the samples deposited at 50 °C remained unchanged. However, the reflectance curve for samples deposited at 150 °C and 250 °C, displayed shift towards the shorter wavelength. This shift is related to the influence of loop of Henle surface roughness, grain size, etc. [37].
Fig. 6. Reflectance spectra of AlxOy/Pt/AlxOy MSSAC at: RT (a), 50 °C (b), 150 °C (c) and 250 °C (d).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
Effect of substrate temperature on solar absorptance and thermal emittance values of AlxOy/Pt/AlxOy MSSAC.Temperature (°C)Absorptance(α)Emittance (? at 82 °C)RT0.9400.09500.9400.091500.9380.092500.9360.09Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV