printer nozzle clogging, and clean with drive, or not?

Inkjet printer common problem: 1. The waste water treatment method of the full access to the Internet to download the brush machine tool chip Brush chip with respect to OK 2. Not into the paper check stamp paper round Clean or replace if there is any problem do check whether there is a foreign body into the machine If you have recommended the fuselage in turn Shoot base or send pit between 50 yuan  3. Small rail car seat frame spring falls off Using tools can be removed According to go up But keep within recommended to send pit 4. Nozzle clogging Clean with driver in the nozzle Simple wash If not open to the pit With ion oscillators If still won't do Shower or change machine (generally the price of the nozzle on the fuselage of nozzle are high) 5. The mainboard This kind of problem in to say Such release Hey hey Change the machine  Laser printer common problem: 1. The biggest general paperboard paperboard to (1) in the paper is divided into three seat (2) card fixing (3) the paper say into paper card does not go into the first round and sensor has a problem  Card fuser fixing do clean With sandpaper, in the way of paper This paper Most are caused by powder  The paper card same as above Grind the paper outlet  2. Print the result is bad May be the cause of the drum unit may be the cause of the laser But most of them are the cause of the drum In drum or cleaning If it is the cause of the laser Hey hey bleeding!!~ ~  3. The printed documents Words will be erase This is fixing has a problem See if fuser film is broken or the inside of the bulb is broken If this is the case in fuser film and lamp is ok  Common q.1 stylus printer to print out garbled The problem is the cause of the drive I also not clear 2. Printing the bolt head Estimation is the general in needle breakage If more Recommended in the needle comments |printhead