Orange County Schools Create Social Education with Disney

If it wasnt a huge enough perk to cultivate up across the street to the Magic Kingdom, Orange County students will also be being sought out by nonprofit organizations in their place. As high school students from Orange County Schools have the opportunity to participate in community outreach projects with local non-profits, part of Disneylands 50th anniversary celebrations.

Show Your Personality

The Show Your Character opposition promotes local non-profits to create tasks that get students involved. From 2004 and continuing through 2006, Orange County non-profits submit project proposals designed to help local teens hand back to their group. If chosen, the non-profits are used with Orange County kids and given they to the resources needed to complete a community-service project within their areas.

Tasks for the competition should meet with the California curriculum requirements for Service Learning Projects. This way, academic credit is earned by students while learning important skills from charitable groups.

A Site Learning Project should meet four basic objectives (provided by the Volunteer Center of Orange County, ):

Meet an Actual Group Need

In partnership with your business, students should gain an awareness of how the needs of the community you serve are determined. After devel-oping a knowledge of the needs, students may actively participate in a project made to effortlessly meet those needs.

Obtain an Understanding of the Text Between School and Community

Students should develop a knowledge of the relationship between the school and town and the value of school-community relationships. This will be acquired through direct relationships with your business, team and/or customers to develop and implement meaningful service activities that meet the requirements of both the students and the city you serve.

Create a Sense of Civic Responsibility

Students ought to be able to show a knowledge of civic responsibility through their involvement in this activity. The project should meet an actual community need and improves the standard of living in the community.

Reinforce their Knowledge of Values and Key Personality Traits

Credibility - Respect - Fairness - Caring - Citizenship

Benefits for Students

In addition to the college credit, involvement in your competitors also gains students and their schools in other critical ways. Web Design And Development includes more concerning the meaning behind it. Students may gain from an increased understanding of the operating in the community. In dealing with a nonprofit organization, the student will find out about how nonprofit teams help at-risk members of the community and see for themselves how they and others may contribute to building their community in a positive way in the near future. Involvement also qualifies the student to use for a Disneyland Resort Legacy Scholarship Award. The Disneyland Resort Scholarship Pro-gram, called Making Magic Through Community Service, plans to grant $50,000 in scholarships, having a grant of $5000 each.

Advantages for Teachers and Schools

Teachers and schools can get in on the action too. In encouraging their students to participate in the opposition, schools and teachers meet the standards in character education and get the chance to construct character and civic responsibility within their students. Students and teachers will have the guidance of the Disney VoluntEAR Project Leader who's experienced in the smoothness education curriculum education standards together with their nonprofit organization partner to-be achieved. Additionally, schools and teachers could have the expert guidance of the Volunteer Center of Orange County, the California State Regional Lead for Service Learning. Identify further on logo by visiting our prodound wiki. You will find economic benefits for teachers too, such as making a Golden Performance Award worth $1000 to further enhance the learning environment for their students.

Disneys community outreach programs for Orange County students merge learning with public support and specifically address the character education curriculum standards for the state of California. Students in the area have now been given the possibility to learn from Walt-disney that, the greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish success but instead with the things we do for the folks in need..