PFS Receives Patent on Novel Electronic Flight System for People and Survey Craft Using Invisible Energy and 'It Works'

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Personal Flight Systems, (

any Silicon Valley pre-revenue start-up, offers received patent # 7182295,

which in turn discloses any breakthrough proprietary propulsion technologies that will

moves payload making use of electronic thrust, solving the challenges associated with

sustainable flight, safety, energy efficiency, vertical transit, silent

flight plus a host of some other problems connected with competing existing

lifting systems. Your patent has been issued depending on real demonstrations associated with

the actual technology within flight.

Simply By passing any specific kind of high-frequency energy among certain

metallic alloys and enhancing, using a secondary system, your collision involving

ions that develops around those elements non-visible thrust can be created.

PFS embodiments get improved the actual previous inefficiencies regarding this

procedure towards the point which it is now able to be productized. Inventions

include: Multiple new energy provide options that overcome payload

issues, Higher levels of efficiency by approach of the engineering and electronic

methods of the device, a manufacturing procedure making use of latest fab

technologies, The materials process for manufacturability, A New

Highway-in-the-sky management technology, Framework & air construction

advantages, Inside construction handheld remote control capability, power

broadcasting and peer-to-peer energy As Well As related support systems...

PFS clients and markets include: Safety industry, Hobbyists,

Forestry fire & poaching interdiction, Fish & game animal tracking,

Police, Border, Paramedic, Broadcast news, Pipeline survey, Emergency

communications, Atmospheric study, Rescue line delivery, power range

monitoring, Broadband urban arrays, Over-the-horizon signal relay, and

hundreds of various other deployments...

Competition comes from Helicopters: complete size and also mini, propeller drone

craft, propeller driven airships. The Actual PFS technology competes with 1 regarding these

other obtainable choices and WINS around the following points: Noise, moving parts,

Vibration associated maintenance issues, Could fly inside regarding structures,

Dangerous/Lethal moving part, unlimited flight time, structure adjacency

danger, Maintenance requirements, Must property regarding fuel, easy to become able to

miniaturize or even scale, Requirements propeller for main lift, Requirements extensive

training to be able to fly, Expense as well as other worth metrics.

PFS is developing the particular Condor drone survey aircraft as a reference design

regarding licensing for you to aviation & aerospace companies.