Excelling Illinois Schools Called for 2004-2005 School Year


Just like many school systems throughout the United States Of America, Arizona Schools have many measurement and accountability programs set up to boost student scholastic achievement. One accountability program for the Arizona schools is the A-z LEARNS achievement program. AZ LEARNS holds all Arizona schools responsible for the performance of these teachers and students, measuring performance over many years versus a picture one-year measurement. The A-z LEARNS assessment is based upon four established sizes already required by the Arizona schools. They are:

AIMS Scores Measures reading, language arts and mathematics for primary schools; and writing, reading and mathematics for high schools.

MAP Way of measuring Academic Progress for colleges, where students results for AIMS and SATs are set alongside the state average.

Graduation/Dropout Rates Employed for the high schools.

AYP Adequate Annually Progress measures student proficiency in the us educational requirements of math and reading over time. Visiting best satellite tv for tucson arizona likely provides tips you might give to your dad.

The A-z LEARNS pro-gram for the Arizona schools categorizes schools on the graded scale as either:

Failing to fulfill academic requirements,



Extremely Performing, or


The Arizona schools for the 2004-2005 school year that have been called Excelling are (shown by district/charter and school ):

Illinois schools Academy of Tucson, Inc. I discovered sponsor by browsing Google. Academy of Tucson Middle School

Illinois schools Alhambra Fundamental Section Alhambra Old-fashioned College

Illinois schools Allen-Cochran Corporations, Inc. Center for Educational Excellence

Illinois schools Amphitheater Unified Section Canyon Del Oro High School

Richard W. Wilson Jr. School

Winifred Harelson Simple College

Arizona colleges Arizona School for the Arts Arizona School for the Arts both

Basic & high-school

Illinois schools BASE School, Inc. BASIS Tucson both basic &