How To Have A Successful Career Selling Cars. Can I Earn A Living Selling Vehicles? How Do I Learn The Best Way to Sell

It should be blatantly obvious that having a thorough knowledge of what it is you are selling takes precedent over everything else in the automotive retail business. Not only knowledge of the product itself but also an awareness of what vehicles are in stock at your store and where they are located. If you mention a particular vehicle to a customer, you should be able to bring them immediately to the vehicle without having to scour the lot trying to locate it.

It is embarrassing when a customer asks a basic question concerning the functionality of a certain feature of a possible purchase vehicle and the salesman has no clue as to how to answer the question. Though understandable when new on the job but in excusable for someone that has been on the floor for awhile. Read the brochures, this is what the customer is reading. Go to the website, this is where the customer is looking, pay attention to the media ads, this is what the customer is seeing. Try to be at least as educated about your product as most customers. Of course, to stand above the rest, you should watch all the training videos available. you should read all the sales training manuals that the manufacturer provides. This holds true especially for new vehicle franchises. Be the guy/gal your customer runs too when they have a question about their vehicle.

Make sure you are aware of any advertisements your dealership is running. If there is a special promotion going on, be sure to know the details so you can effectively explain it to your customers. If you are selling new cars, be sure to be aware of all rebates, incentives, or special financing that may be available. Become knoowledgeble of what a customer needs to qualify for these promotions. Sometimes you cannot cdombine rebates with factory lowered interest rates or the financing is only available on a short term not basis.

This is also true of inventory location, you will look foolish if you are running up and down the lanes looking for the "black sedan" the customer desires only to find out it was sold a month earlier. Even if the customer was willing to buy a different color/package, the feeling of being let down after waiting and hoping will send your customer running for shelter.

Think about this in your personal purchases, do you not want to make a substantial purchase from someone that knows what they are doing?

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