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3.2.1. Different heat transfer processes and dependence of RT on the load amount
Since, it zvad fmk is intended to examine only the effect of the amount of load on the rate of rise of temperature; therefore, in case of each load the number of vessel are considered 'zvad to be the same, load is assumed to be equally distributed in all vessels and positions of vessels are also considered the same. This arrangement provides equal exposure area for heating of each load amount. Different heat transfer processes between the load and the cooker interior, for a single vessel inside the cooker are depicted in Fig. 1.
The convective heat transfer rate depend on the air gap i.e. δair and also on the temperature difference between the load and the lid.
Using the above available power the load temperature increases with time. If, (MC)w is cholecystokinin the thermal heat capacity of the water load, Δt is the small time duration in which rate of available heat to the load (qaL) is constant and ΔTw is the rise in load temperature, then the rate of useful heat transfer to the load isequation(7)quL=(MC)wΔTwΔt